Bicycle Necklaces

  • Cycling jewelry
  • Wonderfully vivid necklaces made from upcycled bicycle chains
  • Lively accent colors.
  • Custom color combinations at no extra charge!

OPTION: Earrings from YOUR bike chain!       A note about the nature of upcycling.
Standard Necklace Sizes for Women
14.5 inches - choker necklace (smaller neck) 15 inches - choker necklace (small neck)
16 inches - choker necklace (average neck) 18 inches - at collarbone
20 inches - few inches below collarbone  
*Choose the next size up for larger neck sizes

Model Product Image Item Name+ Price
NK_Bril "Brilliance" Necklace featuring Swarovski(r) crystal

"Brilliance" Necklace featuring Swarovski(r) crystal

"Brilliance" necklace featuring a genuine Swarovski(r) crystal - color of your choice! Paired elegantly with a mesh chain, this necklace is a chic...

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NK_Mesh1 "Chic" Mesh Necklace with interchangeable Bicycle Rollers

"Chic" Mesh Necklace with interchangeable Bicycle Rollers

Mesh Necklace with Bicycle Rollers - Shown in picture is the Mesh necklace with GREY rollers. BONUS: you will also receive GOLD colored rollers so...

... more info

NK_CycloCross "Cyclo Cross" Bicycle Necklace

"Cyclo Cross" Bicycle Necklace

Cyclo Cross Bicycle Necklace An intricate 'weaving' of bike chain to create a solid cross make from a recycled bicycle chain. Paired with a stainless...

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NK_WheelLove "Wheel Love" Necklace

"Wheel Love" Necklace

The "Wheel Love" Bicycle Necklace - A Chainspiration's exclusive design. Wear this sassy bicycle necklace, with "whimcycle" hearts in the wheels....

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NK_Blossom Blossom Bicycle Chain Necklace

Blossom Bicycle Chain Necklace

Blossom Necklace - This delightful necklace resembles a flower and is designed from the rollers from a upcycled bicycle chain! (see chain parts). A...

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NK_Brk Breakaway Bicycle Chain Necklace

Breakaway Bicycle Chain Necklace

The Breakaway Necklace - Breakaway from the pack with this chic necklace made from three rollers of an upcycled bicycle chain (see chain parts) and...

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NK_CC Century Celebration Bicycle Chain Necklace

Century Celebration Bicycle Chain Necklace

Century Celebration Necklace - Enjoy this incredibly unique piece of jewelry - three pieces of a upcycled bicycle chain (one pin and two rollers)...

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NK_Iowa Iowa Necklace

Iowa Necklace

The "Iowa" Bicycle Ride Necklace - Commemorate your ride across Iowa with this lovely Iowa necklace handstamped with the route and year! You may...

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NK_WheelLoveGear Mini Wheel Love Bike and Gear Necklace

Mini Wheel Love Bike and Gear Necklace

Wheel Love Bike & Gear Necklace featuring a Mini Wheel Love bicycle pendant and gear! (Mini Wheel Love pendant is a unique Chainspirations design!)...

... more info

NK_SSBikeCharm Road Bike (sterling silver) Necklace

Road Bike (sterling silver) Necklace

"Road Bike" sterling silver necklace featuring a .925 sterling silver bicycle pendant with a roller of a bike chain! Paired elegantly with a dainty...

... more info

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