My Story

Numerous people have told me that I have inspired them to adopt fitness choices into their lives.

In October 2010, I was awarded the "Healthy Woman of the Year Award" from St. Luke's Hospital in St. Louis! It is quite an honor. (I'm the one in the pink boa, blue blouse- check out my fun heels!)
In the spring of 1991 I bought a bicycle and found that I was able to balance the stresses of life while pedaling and enjoying the outdoors. I came back from my rides refreshed and energetic; enabling me to enjoy my family and career.

Over the years I have looked for more ways to enjoy fitness. I hike (to the bottom of the Grand Canyon; to the top of the Smokey Mountains; across a dormant volcano in New Zealand); I run in races ranging from a 5K to half marathons (not fast, but at least I show up!), kayak, white water raft.

Recently I experienced Hang Gliding during a Mother/Son weekend (quite a challenge to run down a hill while looking up and balancing a 50 pound 30 foot hang glider on my shoulders).

Sometimes life hands us challenges that we have no control over. I feel that taking control over the things that I can influence, affords me the most choices to enjoy life!

In summer 2010 during an organized bike ride in rural Missouri, I became more aware of the challenges of small towns and what a delight it was for this town to pull together to sponsor such a wonderful bike ride. I decided it was time for me to give back.

I wanted to provide inspiration for fitness ... and so, Chainspirations was born. I enjoy wearing my earrings, for they remind me of the miles I have cycled and how fitness is a part of my life. I hope for you, as well, that wearing Chainspirations jewelry will help you to celebrate and inspire fitness!

Chainspirations' founder,
Paula MacMann
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